Harpoon Brewery - Windsor, VT

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336 Ruth Carney Drive, Windsor, VT 05089


Pub,Casual,Groups,Irish Pub,Kid Friendly,Parking Available,Photos Available,Private Functions,Pub,Resto-Bar,Sports Bar,Take-out Food,Tasting Menu,Televised Sports,Terrace,Wheelchair Accessible,Wide Beer Selection,Wireless Internet (wiFi)


Monday 10AM–6PM, Tuesday 10AM–6PM, Wednesday 10AM–6PM, Thursday 10AM–9PM, Friday 10AM–9PM, Saturday 10AM–9PM, Sunday 10AM–6PM

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Harpoon was started in 1986 by Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle, and George Ligeti. They were three friends who loved beer and loved drinking beer together but found the beer choices at the time to be limited. Traveling through Europe and experiencing the rich traditions of European brewing and beer drinking enhanced their love of beer and opened their eyes to the rich beer culture they wanted back home. They decided to build a brewery so that they could brew the beers that they wanted to drink, and invite their friends to the brewery to drink it with them. In June of 1987, a warehouse space on the Boston waterfront was transformed into a brewery and the first Harpoon Ale was brewed. Fresh, local craft beer began making its way out to Boston beer drinkers. It was hard to imagine that craft brewing would become what it has today. Though many things have changed since the early days of Harpoon, much has stayed the same. We still love brewing beer and enjoying it with friends. One thing that has changed: in August 2014 Harpoon became an employee owned company!
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