Tong Por Dim-Sum - Ville St. Laurent

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12242, boul. Laurentien Montreal, QC, H4K 1M9 Metro Côte-Vertu Ville Saint-Laurent


Brunch,Casual,Complete Liquor License,Extensive Wine List,Gluten Free,Groups,Kid Friendly,Online Menu,Parking Available,Photos Available,Private Functions,Reception Services,Reservations,Take-out Food,Wheelchair Accessible,Wireless Internet (wiFi)


Monday 10:30a.m.–11p.m., Tuesday 10:30a.m.–11p.m., Wednesday 10:30a.m.–11p.m., Thursday 10:30a.m.–11p.m., Friday 10:30a.m.–11p.m., Saturday 10:30a.m.–11p.m., Sunday 10:30a.m.–11p.m.

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Tong Por Restaurant previously in Montreal's Chinatown and recently moved to Ville St-Laurent. We offer fine Chinese and Thai cuisine, specializing in Dim Sum, Tong Por duck, etc.. The restaurant is large and can accommodate up to 600 patrons. The decor is simple with a touch of China and Thailand.
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